XP MI 6 Pinpointer review – Pinpointer or star wars lightsaber?

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The XP Deus MI 6 Pinpointer has some innovative features that I didn’t see in other pinpointers. But this does not mean that the XP MI 6 is the best on the market.

For example, the Minelab PROFIND 35 has the discrimination feature which allows it de distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous targets, the XP mi 6 can’t do that.

If you have DEUS metal detector, you can pair with this pinpointer and get more functionalities.

For example, you can find the XP MI6 if you lost it even if it is turned OFF. A lot of metal detectorists lose their pinpointers.

To save energy, the XP mi 6 will automatically shut down if there is no activity for 5 minutes.

Another unique thing about the XP mi 6 is that it is not powered by a 9 V battery like the other pinpointers on the market.

Instead, a rechargeable lithium battery powers it.

A rechargeable battery is a good idea to reduce battery disposal and to save the environment.

But, lithium batteries have their disadvantages. Their life decreases after every charge/discharge cycle.

I do not know whether you can find a spare one or not.

The duration the battery can hold depends on the chosen settings. For example,…

If you pair it with DEUS metal detector, it will work for 90 hours, which is awesome.

But, if you use the LED flashlight, the vibration and audio signal altogether, It will hardly last for 10 hours.

This table shows the expected battery life depending on the chosen program.xp mi 6 pinpointer battery life

It takes roughly three hours to charge the battery. The LED will flash three times and when the battery is full you will get four flashes.

The charger is not included. But I think any USB charger will be good (laptop, cell phone, DEUS charger…).

The manufacturer recommends a SELV power source (Safety Extra Low Voltage).

You get a USB charging cable, a lanyard, and holster in the box.

As you turn the pinpointer ON, you get a number of flashes indicating the battery status.

One flash means the battery level is 30 %. Two flashes mean 60 %. Three mean 100 %.

Like all the pinpointers I know, the detection is all round 360°.

If you have the XP Deus WS5 or WS 4 headphones, you can pair them with the XP MI6. That the audio will be transmitted wirelessly to the headphones.

You will hear the audio signals better in noisy locations and you will not annoy bystanders if there are any.

Go to the menu of the WS5 headphone, scroll down until you see “coil”. Then press the plus button until PP (pinpointer) menu is visible. Press and hold the plus button until PP flashes.

Now, you press and hold the pinpointer’s button until the two devices are linked.

The Garrett Propointer AT Z-Lynk could also be linked to headphones.

Interestingly it is submersible up to 20 feet underwater. The most popular pinpointer, the Garrett carrot, can only go for 10 feet.

Adjusting the settings

Menu A

You have to keep pushing the same button until you reach the desired settings. One button is used to put the pinpointer on/off and to select one of the seven user programs.

Each of first six programs is a combination between three levels of sensitivity and two audio modes (on/off).xp mi 6 pinpointer settings

The chosen settings will be saved even after turning the pinpointer OFF. The default program is the second one.

To put it on, keep the pinpointer away from any metal and press and hold the button until the ringtone stops.

To change the settings you have to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. A short beep will indicate that you can now select a program.

Choose one of the seven available programs. Wait for 2 seconds, you hear a melody. Now you ready to go…

To put it off, press the same button for 0.5 seconds. It will flash every 4 seconds. (waste battery)

The vibration is always on except when you pair the pinpointer with the DEUS metal detector.

The seventh program enables you to link to the pinpointer to the DEUS metal detector.

Menu B

If you press and hold the button for three seconds, you will hear a melody. Release the button. After that…

You can press the button once to chose between the audio pulse or pitch modes.

In the first one, the sound intensifies, as you get closer to the target. This offers a better target location.

In the pulse mode, the sound will be higher but its volume will not vary depending on the distance separating the pinpointer and the target.

It is not accurate as the first mode but it may be better to use in noisy places.

If you press twice, You can turn on or OFF the LED on all the programs. This will help you to save the battery.

The startup flashes will remain even if turn OFF the LED.

If you press the button three times, you can disable the vibration in the first three programs to save energy.

As you see, adjusting the setting of this pinpointer is really cumbersome.


Retuning enables you to reduce the area of detection to get a more accurate localization.

Simply grab a metal (say a coin for example) with one hand and the XP mi 6 with the other hand.

Move the pinpointer toward the coin. When you are satisfied with the detection range, press the button.

Now the pinpointer will only emit an audio signal only if it is that close form a coin. Don’t forget that you can get accurate results by lowering the sensitivity.

Select the level 1 (low) or 2 (medium)

In the case of mineralized ground or salt water, it is recommended to retune it by touching the ground.

Pairing the XP MI-6 pinpointer with the DEUS metal detector

From the remote control of the DEUS, select option then pinpointer then pairing…

After that, press the button of the pinpointer for 8 seconds. The two machines will be linked.

After pairing them, you will get more features. Some of them are useless. Others are interesting…

At this mode, the vibration and the audio will be turned off and the sensitivity of the pinpointer will be adjusted using the remote control of the DEUS metal detector.

You will be able to choose between 50 levels of sensitivity. But, wait a second…

Who on earth needs 50 levels of sensitivity!

The audio signal will be transmitted wirelessly (radio link) to the DEUS detector.

When the pinpointer is turned on, the detector is automatically turned OFF to avoid interference and vice versa.

The battery level, audio settings and the distance to target will be displayed. And you can find the pinpointer if you lost it.

I think this pairing feature is under-exploited. They could add a discrimination target ID. That way…

The pinpointer will be able to discriminate and distinguish between different types of metal.

Because, in my opinion, most of the features that you get, after pairing the pinpointer and detector, are not really interesting.

You don’t need to have a DEUS metal detector to be able to use the XP mi 6. You can use it with any brand of metal detectors.


The XP MI 6 pinpointer has a futuristic design. It looks like a lightsaber. It has also some interesting features that allow it to stand from the crowd.

Many of them are very useful (rechargeable battery, submersible up to 20 feet, recovery after loss…). Others are not (50 levels of sensitivity…).

Tell me in the comments section below, do you prefer buying the XP MI-6 pinpointer alone or you prefer getting A DEUS metal detector with it?

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