Largest gold-Rush Nuggets

Gold rush had a deep impact on the history of United States. There have been many rushes. The California gold rush is the most famous. It all started in 1848 when James W. Marshall discovered traces of gold. James wasn’t a professional miner. He was working in Sutter’s Mill in Coloma when he found a … Read more

An original way to help your son with his homework

Daniel Kristiansen, 14 years old, was given a school assignment about the history of world war two. Daniel lives in Denmark, which was occupied by Germany during this era. The student asked his father, Klaus, if he could help with the homework. Instead of telling him some boring facts about Germany, WW2, D-day…, Klaus used … Read more

3 of the largest treasures ever found

Many people think that buried treasures are not real. However, numerous hoards have been found over the years. This article is about five of the largest treasures ever discovered. They have two things in common: they are super precious and all of them were discovered by chance. Saddle Ridge Hoard The Saddle Ridge Hoard consists … Read more

Best Metal Detector for Gold

(This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.) Gold is one of the rarest and most precious elements on earth. It can be processed into jewelry, bullion, coins…. Or it can be raw (nuggets). The first type can be found with any standard metal detector. You … Read more

Largest silver hoards in the UK

Back in the day, banks and secure vaults didn’t exist. The only way to keep your money safe is to bury it. This method has flaws. The owner could forget the location of his life savings or he passed away before telling anybody about it. Hundreds of these hoards are being discovered each year in … Read more