The value of the 1967 Washington quarter

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People are using quarters in their everyday purchases and they don’t know the value that some of these coins could carry.

In this post, I’ll share with you what qualities you should look for in your 1967 quarters in order to sell them for a lot of money.

A little bit of history

The Washington quarter was first introduced in 1932 to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of the first president of the United States

It was designed by John Flanagan. His initials FJ are under George Washington’s bust, which is facing left. “Liberty” and “In God we trust” are on the sides. The “United States of America” is on the top of the coin and “quarter dollar” is located under the bust.

The reverse depicts an eagle with outspread wings that is holding a bundle of arrows with its claws. On top of the “American eagle”, you find the expression “ E Pluribus Unum”.

The location of the mint mark has been shifted over the years. For the 1967 quarter, there is no mintmark. 1.5 billion Washington quarters were minted in this year.

It made from a copper core “encapsulated in nickel”; Taking into account that it weighs only 5.67 grams, the metal value of this coin is only 0.06 cents, which negligible.

However, there are some qualities that can make this coin super valuable. I will discuss them in the following chapters.

This post is only about the 1967 quarter. There are other precious coins as well. If you want to find them you can check this book: Strike It Rich with Pocket Change: Error Coins Bring Big Money.

Grade’s impact on the 1967-quarter value

As I said in the previous paragraph, the value of the metal content of a 1967 Washington quarter is negligible.

If you want to sell your coin for a lot of money, it should have a high grade. The higher the grade, the more precious your quarter is.

Ok, But what does it mean?

The grade is a rating given by experts that measure how attractive the coin is.

Since the word “attractive” is subjective and depends on different tastes, the Sheldon scale was invented.

It is a 70-point scale that makes things more or less standardized so that coin dealers, sellers, and buyers can agree on the value of a coin.

The lowest value is P-1. Coins in this state are barely identifiable; they are scratched and their edges are bent; their surfaces are oxidized and dirty.

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The highest value is MS-70. In order to get this grade, the coin has to be in perfect condition, shiny and scratch-free (no damage can be seen even if we examine it with a microscope under 8X magnification).

I’ll share with you some numbers, to give an idea about the importance of high grade. A 1967 quarter that has a grade of MS-68 was sold for over 8000 $. Another that has MS-67 was sold for over 4000$.

You need years of training and experience in order to be able to grade coins. However, I recommend you show your coin to a trusted dealer to get an estimate of its grade.

Or, you can send it a certification service. There are four major services in the united stated. They have a good reputation among the coin collecting community.

These services are Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), Independent Coin Graders (ICG), and ANACS.

They will authenticate (“make sure the coin isn’t counterfeit”), grade and encapsulate the coin a slab.

A slab is a transparent plastic container that is made from materials that preserve the coin. Some of them are airtight and waterproof.

You can examine it without opening the slab. All of the information will be written on the package. It has a tamper-evident seal to prevent counterfeit.

The grading isn’t a free service. Some companies require an annual membership for coin grading. Many dealers will do it on your behalf if you don’t want to pay the membership fee.

1967 SMS quarter value

SMS stands for special mint set. It is a set of five coins: half-dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and a cent that are placed inside a plastic container.

SMS was only issued in 1965, 1966, and in 1967. They were minted in the San Fransisco mint but they don’t have the S mintmark.

Standard planchets were used to make these sets. But the dies well polished and the strike pressure was increased to make the details stand out as much as possible

Back in the day, the whole set was sold for only 4 $. But, some of them are rare and they can be sold for as high as 4000$.

These rare 1967 quarters have what is called the cameo contrast effect. The characters have a frosted finish and the surface is reflective like a mirror.

Double die

Errors, paradoxically, increase the value of coins. Collectors are ready to pay more to add them to their collection because they are rare.

The error that we will discuss in this paragraph is the double die obverse (DDO). It is usually found in the SMS quarters.

Simply check for doubling on the “liberty”. The letters will appear twice with a slight overlap.

DDO will raise the value of the coin a few hundred dollars depending on the grade. For example, MS-66 1967 quarters can be sold for 250 $.

Can you find silver 1967 quarters?

Washington quarters used to be made out of 90 % silver. Because of the rising prices of this precious metal, the US mint decided to switch to a copper-clad composition.

The change happened in 1964. Silver planchets that were supposed to be struck in 1964 were accidentally used in 1965.

So silver errors can be found in 1965 and they can be sold for a lot of money. But, I’ve never heard of any 1967 silver quarters. I don’t think you can find one.

If you do, it will be a unicorn, and you can sell it for serious money. In order to distinguish between silver and copper-nickel quarters, we have to weigh them.

Silver quarters weigh 6.25 grams, clad ones weigh 5.67 grams. You can use this scale to check if you have the coveted coin or not.


Not all 1967 Washington quarters are equal. Some of them can be sold for thousands of dollars if they have a high grade or they are SMS cameo.

Others can be sold for a couple of hundred dollars if they have the double die error. 1967 quarters are not transitional coins, so I don’t think you can find the valuable silver error.

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  1. Am I goiNg crazy? I have a 1967 quarter that is some how different when I compare to a clad 1967. It weighs the standard 5.67 but even when cleaned appears different like a high cameo maybe? Would love help solving this mystery.

    • Mine has all the A being solid top of the a is solid A were it should have a indent in the middle of the A but it’s solid and every a is the same way in the state ,America and dollar and quarter have not did the weight of it .and I found it when I went to the store I always look at my change since I’m in Vancouver .


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