Metal detecting code of conduct

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Metal detecting is an amazing hobby. And like any other activity, there are certain guidelines that we need to follow. In this article, I share with you five important rules that you have to keep I mind.

Ask for permission

You have to ask for the owner’s permission before metal detecting a private property. Make sure you get a written one to avoid disputes regarding the ownership of any possible precious find.

If the parcel of land you want to hunt is not inhabited, you can find the owner’s contact details in the county assessor’s office. Introduce yourself politely and explain to him how amazing this hobby is and your plan to scan the property.

Ask for permission the same day you plan on metal detecting. Don’t postpone it. The owner could change his mind.

And by the way, be ready for many “no” responses. Don’t give up and look for other spots to hunt.

If you are shy, you can hunt public properties. In most cases, you don’t need permission. This depends from a state to another. So double-check. This is a list of areas you can hunt without any permission.

Dispose of trash properly

Don’t leave litter laying on the ground and don’t throw it back in the hole. Just gather it in a bag and dispose of it properly.

Know what you are digging

Dig carefully and don’t puncture the utility lines. When hunting yards or sports fields avoid puncturing sprinkler lines. They are made from plastic and they are invisible to your metal detector.

Stay away from archeological sites

Only archaeologists are allowed to work on these sites. They know how to excavate the relics without damaging them. They are experts and they work methodologically. Since you don’t have their skills (and you are not allowed to be there), don’t hunt any archeological sites.

Leave no sign of your presence

Don’t dig plugs in a way that harms grass or wildlife. Use small digging tools or a screwdriver to pop shallow targets. Make sure the holes are as small as possible. After recovering the target, fill the holes you dig.

In a nutshell, leave no sign of your presence. And please, FILL THE HOLES YOU DIG!!!

Be a goodwill ambassador

It is important to be a goodwill ambassador for this hobby. Keep in mind that you represent the entire metal detecting community.

Be nice and explain this hobby to anyone who asks (especially the famous “find anything?” question).

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