Top 5 largest surviving gold nuggets [infographic]

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It surprising how massive natural gold nuggets can be. Many of these rare finds have been melted. We didn’t get the chance to admire them. But, some of them survived. These are five of the largest in the entire world.

Pepita Canaã

This is the largest nugget on this list. It weighs 134 pounds, 86% of it is gold. It was discovered in brazil in 1983. It is kept in the Brazilian Central Bank. The nugget could have been more massive. But it was split into multiple pieces during excavation.

The Great Triangle

The Great Triangle was discovered in Russia in 1842. It weighs 80 pounds. And it is 91% pure. It has a triangular shape, thus the name. It is on display at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Hand of Faith

This one was found by Kevin Hillier using a simple handheld metal detector. He discovered it in Australia in 1980. It weighs around 60 pounds. Currently, the Hand of Faith is on display at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

Normandy Nugget

This was also discovered in Australia in 1995. This country is famous for its titanic nuggets. Its weight is 56 pounds. It has been displayed at the Perth Mint museum.

Crown Jewel Nugget

In December 1992, the employees at the Sonora mining company discovered a huge nugget. It weighs 36 pounds. They needed a lot of chemicals to remove the quartz. The shiny piece of gold is displayed at the Ironstone Vineyards museum in California.

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