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Best pants for metal detecting

pantsMany detectorists just wear any pants and start hunting…

However they may be too tight for them to bend, their knees may hurt. And, they’ll have to keep buying new pants because the knees will keep wearing out quickly.

For these reasons and more, you need to get trousers that have particular features that make them suitable for metal detecting. read more

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Best metal detecting boots: which footwear to choose ?

bootsDepending, on the length of the hunt, detectorists have to walk long distances in unpaved surfaces. That’s why they need good shoes to wear while using your metal detector.

I’ll start by listing the requirements that a boot should have to be suitable for metal detecting.

Then, I’ll recommend few models that I think may be the best for this hobby. read more

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Places to metal detect without permission

Places to metal detect without permission

I’ll share with you five places to metal detect without permission. But, before we start, please note:

  • This article is for informational purposes only and not for providing legal advice.
  • Even if the place is open for detectorists without a permission, it’s a good idea to get one just in case.
  • Be responsible, dig small and clean holes and fill them back again after you recover the target. Irresponsible detectorists are making things harder for the rest of the community. If you leave a spot with many holes, the city council may decide to require permission and may even ban metal detecting.

So let’s go back to the famous question: where can I detect without permission? And here’s where you can enjoy your freedom.

Your Yard

The most obvious place where you can metal detect without a permission is your own yard! read more