search coil covers: everything you need to know

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search coil coverYou want to buy a cover for your search coil or you already have one and you have some questions about it.

This article answers the frequently asked question about coil covers. The questions and their answers are separate. Use the table of contents to navigate easily.

Are coil covers necessary?

When you swing your metal detector, the search coil could be scratched by rocks. Also, its bottom will wear because of the constant rubbing against the ground.

Grassy areas are not a big problem for the coils. But in arid ones, the ground may rub it like sandpaper. A coil with no scratches has a higher resale value.

Coil covers are a solution to this problem. They are cheap. So it’s better to buy a cover than to buy a new coil.

Are they necessary? This depends. If you keep the coil an inch or half an inch away from the ground and avoid hitting rocks, usually there is no problem.

But if you stick it to the ground the get a little bit of extra depth, buying a coil cover may be a good idea.

Some users prefer to use epoxy or bed liner. It should be free of metal to avoid false signals.

Do you use the coil cover while detecting or for storing?

If you read the answer to the previous question, you should know the answer to this one. Covers are meant to protect the coils from scratches and scuffs.

Therefore, you should put them when you are metal detecting. When you store your device, it doesn’t matter whether you leave the cover on or you take it off.

And if you’re worried about the detector’s performance, the next paragraph will answer your question…

Do coil covers affect sensitivity and depth?

Coil covers are very thin. Therefore, the depth range of the metal detector will not be affected.

Actually, you will get a little bit more depth. Because, after installing the cover, you can stick the coil to the ground. Before that, you have to keep it half an inch away from the ground.

They are made out of plastic, they don’t interfere with the coil’s magnetic field. The sensitivity will not be reduced.

However, the detector’s performance will deteriorate if some sand and debris find its way in between the coil and the cover.

You will get false signals. The solution is to clean them. And to do that you need to remove the coil cover. And here’s how you can do it…

How to remove it?

Installing the coil cover isn’t very difficult. However, removing them could be a little tricky because it fits extremely tight.

You need to remove it once in a while to clean it and clean the coil. If debris gets in between, you will get false signals.

You can use a thin putty knife and a flat head screwdriver. Poke the knife between the coil and the cover. Be careful, don’t damage anything.

Then use the screwdriver to pry it slightly. Don’t do that all the way to the bottom. But you have to gently work your way around the edges.

Do that in several spots until it breaks loose. Then slide the putty knife around the back and you can remove the coil cover.

Coil covers differ from brand to brand. In this video, installing and removing the coil is very easy and you don’t need any tool. You just use your fingers to unsnap the clips.

Because removing the coil is difficult, some decided to seal the gaps. But many detectorists said that it won’t solve the problem.

Surprisingly, sand will find its way in. So, you should keep it that way and clean it frequently.

What if the cover keeps coming loose?

The cover should fit snug on the coil to prevent sand from getting inside. If it keeps coming loose, contact the customer support to get a new one (if you coil is OK: not smaller than specifications, not scratched…) Or you can tape the edges with electrical tape.

These are all the questions that I can think of for the moment. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section down below.

I’ll do what I can to find answers for you, happy hunting!

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  1. My Minelab GPX 6000 coil cover is scratched up really bad, When should I replace them ? does this change the performance of my machine?


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