Cone fishing magnet

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Fishing magnet comes in different shapes. Each one of them has pros and cons (link). In this article, I’m going to talk about cone magnets.

Brute cone magnet

The pulling force of this Brute cone magnet is 375 lbs (170 kg). Its diameter is 2.95″ and it is 6.25″ high (with the eyebolt).

The idea behind the conical shape is to minimize the edges that can snag on obstacles. This way, pulling the magnet will be smoother.

But this shape doesn’t solve the flipping problem. Single-sided magnets tend to roll on their backs or sides when they are dragged.

The pulling force is concentrated at the bottom side. The magnetic field is weaker near the other sides. So when the magnet isn’t facing downward, the pull won’t be efficient.

This magnet is protected with a layer of steel to prevent cracking or chipping. The steel is plated with nickel and copper to prevent rust.

The eyebolt is on top of the cone. This eliminates the need for a screw on the bottom of the magnet. So there is no need for a countersink hole.

To make sure the eyebolt doesn’t come loose, you can use the thread locker (included).

Removable plastic cone

The cone shape is meant to reduce edges that can snag with rocks underwater. It doesn’t have to be made from metal and it doesn’t have to be an integral part of the magnet.

You can use a removable plastic cone. And as you know, plastic is lighter than metal. The same company (Brute) makes anti-snag plastic cones. They fit magnets with 2.95″ diameter.

Use a bottle!

You can wrap your magnet with a plastic bottle. This method has two advantages. It will minimize the edges just like the two previous examples. And It will keep the magnet facing down all the time.

The disadvantage is that you will need to do this method a couple of times before succeeding.

You can use a plastic bottle, a cutting tool, a driller and a heat gun. (affiliate link for each one).

Start by cutting the bottle in half. Then drill the cap. Pass the rope through the hole.

Place the magnet inside the bottle facing its side. Finally, use the heat gun so that everything is held in place.

This video will show you step by step how you can do it.

How to stop losing your magnet?

The idea behind cones is to avoid getting snagged on obstacles. If your magnet is stuck, you may end up losing it. I’ll share with you a few tips to avoid this loss.

*You have to get a good rope. Buying a cheap rope doesn’t save you money. You will lose it with the magnet.

*The rope can be rotten or cut. Check its condition before using it.

*Avoid rubbing the rope against sharp objects.

*Don’t forget about the knot and to use the threaded locks if you use the carabiner.

*You may need a backup magnet to pull the first one from another direction.

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