Best rope for magnet fishing

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To practice the magnet fishing hobby, you obviously need a magnet. But this is not enough. You also need a rope.

With their overwhelming number on the market, it is difficult to know which one is the best. This is what this article is all about. It will help pick the best rope for your magnet in no time.

Best rope for magnet fishing

I saved you a lot of time and effort in this post. There is an overwhelming number of ropes on the market. To make things easier, I picked only two of the best. You can choose one of them based on the magnet’s pulling strength.

The rope’s strength should be greater than that of the magnet.

Aoneky rope

Aoneky is originally a climbing rope. But because it has a pretty decent strength (2000 lb), it is suitable for super-powerful fishing magnets like the Brute force.

If you have a standard magnet like the DIYMAG, you can either choose this one or XBEN rope (next paragraph).

It is made of polyester. Many lengths are available. I recommend you go with 65 feet in length. But you can choose whichever you want ranging from 32 ft to 200 ft.

Many colors are available (black, red, blue, yellow). Pick any color you want other than black. You want to be able to see the rope clearly underwater. The color should stand out from the environment.

A loop is stitched at one end of the rope. This will eliminate the need for a knot. I really like this simple addition because I’m no fan of knots. Simply use the snap hook and you are ready to go.

XBEN rope

XBEN is available in three colors (orange, blue and black). I prefer orange because I want better visibility.

Its weight limit is 660 lbs (300 kg). So make sure the pulling strength of your magnet is less than that.

As always, many lengths are available ranging from 32 to 230 ft. I recommend you go with 64 feet.

Its diameter is 8 mm. Both ends of the rope are sewed and reinforced with stainless steel thimbles rigging. You can use them to attach carabiners and eliminate the need for knots. The stitching is covered with a heat shrink tube.

How long should the rope be?

You want a rope long enough to be able to throw the magnet as far as you can. And it should be long enough to be able to fish from a high bridge.

You don’t want it too long so that you can roll it easily and quickly. Moreover, if it is too long it will have a tendency to tangle and you’ll have to handle multiple knots.

Measure how far you can throw a rock. And this should be the length of your magnet fishing rope. Don’t forget to add one or two feet of length.

This length depends from one person to another. I would go with something around 65 feet long.

How strong should it be?

The rope’s strength should at least exceeds the magnet’s pulling force. The strength of most fishing magnets is equal to or less than 660 lbs. So any rope rated for 660 lbs should be fine.

The strongest fishing magnet I know of is 1200 lbs. You should look for a rope that can support all of this weight.

Don’t worry; on the list that I shared with you, the strongest rope has a breaking strength superior to 2000 lbs. So that should be fine.

How thick should it be?

This is also a personal preference. The thickness is proportional to the rope’s strength.

Pick something that is thick enough to be able to hold the weight of the object you’re pulling.

It shouldn’t be too thick so that you can roll it and tight the knot easily.

It also shouldn’t be very thin so you don’t hurt your hands. I say You should go with something around 8 mm thick (0.31 in inches)

What makes a rope good for magnet fishing?

It is recommended that the rope shouldn’t be too stretchy. It also should retain the knot and doesn’t come loose easily.

And because the rope will be underwater for a long period of time, you want something waterproof or (mildew resistant). The rope may rot if you leave it wet for along time.

Any rope with these features is good to go. Don’t go cheap, choose a good rope. Buying a cheap one won’t save you money. You’ll lose the magnet and the rope.

What about the knot?

Personally, I’m no fan of knots. I’m not good at doing them and I don’t want to lose a magnet because of a loose knot. I prefer carabiners instead. They should have a screw lock.

I recommend rope that has at least one end sewed with thimbles rigging. Simply attach the snap hook and you are ready to go. In addition to that, the magnet will be free to move.

For those who like knots, many magnet fishers recommend the Palomar knot. This really short video will show you how to to do it.


So here you have it. This article is clear and straight to the point. You don’t have an overwhelming number of ropes to choose from. If you have a fishing magnet with pulling force less than 660 lbs, go with XBEN. If it is more than that then go with Aoneky.

A rope and a magnet isn’t the end of the story. You still need other tools to enjoy this hobby. Find out more here.

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