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Guide for metal detecting baseball, soccer, and football fields

baseballIn this article, I’ll give you a full guide to metal detect sports fields.

I’ll talk mainly about baseball and soccer. However, the tips that you’re going to find in this article holds true for football, softball…

If you have any questions, leave them in comments below.

Sweet spots to metal detect in a sports field

Sports fields are large. So it’s good to be strategic and scan certain areas. read more

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Metal detecting in the rain

drop-rainIn the first part, I’ll give you some tips to protect your metal detector if you want to hunt during a rainy day.

In the second part, I’ll talk about metal detecting after the rain is over. I’ll compare hunting wet vs dry ground.

Metal detecting while it’s raining

For some reason, you want to go metal detecting while it’s raining. What should you do in this kind of situations? read more

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Bounty hunter tracker iv settings, tips & upgrades

settingsIf you’re reading this, then you got your first metal detector. And that should be the most popular one: the bounty hunter tracker iv.

Good choice! I guess you’re excited about getting into this hobby.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can adjust the settings. And in the second part, I’ll give you some tips to upgrade your detector and go to the next level. read more

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Tips for detecting cornfields

cornIn this article, I’ll give you some tips for metal detecting cornfields and any other type of crops. And I’ll list some of the difficulties you could face.

Tips to metal detect cornfields

In this paragraph, I’ll give you tips to hunt any type of fields. It doesn’t matter if it’s corn, soybean, wheat…

These tips are still valid regardless. read more

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Best metal detecting vests and jackets

vestIn the first parts of this post, I’ll list the requirement an ideal metal detecting vest should have.

I list them and discuss their pros and cons. You can pick anyone you like. There’s an overwhelming number of them. I hope this article helps you sort them easily.

On the second part, I’ll talk about the best jackets to wear while your hunting during the winter. read more

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Earbuds vs headphones for metal detecting

headphonesMany detectorists are wondering which one is the best for metal detecting: earbuds or headphones?

In this article, I’ll discuss the different point of views, I’ll give you my opinion about the subject and at the end, I’ll give you a tip to make hunts even more exciting comfortable.

Headphones pros

  • Using headphones, you’ll be able to hear the faint signals of deep targets that you can’t hear with the onboard speakers.

You can try this by metal detecting an area without them. You may think it’s hunted out to death. read more

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Best pants for metal detecting

pantsMany detectorists just wear any pants and start hunting…

However they may be too tight for them to bend, their knees may hurt. And, they’ll have to keep buying new pants because the knees will keep wearing out quickly.

For these reasons and more, you need to get trousers that have particular features that make them suitable for metal detecting. read more

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Can metal detectors find Native American Artifacts and arrowheads?

Native AmericanMany detectorists are wondering if their machines could detect Indian artifacts especially arrowheads.

The answer depends on the type of the artifact and the time when it was made.

Native Americans didn’t know how to handle metal stuff except for copper.

So, if the relic is made out of copper, you can find it with your metal detector. read more

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XP Deus settings for trashy parks

settingsThe best XP Deus settings for trashy parks, in general, is the Deus fast, which is a preset program for mineralized and iron-infested soil.

This is a summary of what the settings should be. I’ll elaborate further in the following paragraphs.

  • Discrimination: 6.1
  • Frequency: 18 kHz
  • Reactivity: 3
  • Sensitivity: 90
  • Ground balance: 90

However, please note that there are no best settings for each type of soil. Because every area is different. read more