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Best metal detector for deep coins – Guess what?

Deep coins detectorIf you are looking for the best metal detector for deep coins. And, you mean by deep something more than 8 inches underground. The answer may surprise you.

Depending on the type of soil and other environmental factors, coins lost 200 years ago won’t sink on the ground more than 8 inches. So, coins don’t sink as deep as many people think. A mid-level affordable metal detector like the Garrett ACE 300 could easily detect coins at this depth. You do not need any fancy expensive model to do that. read more

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Best metal detector for logs

logs metal detectorYou got a nice log. You started cutting it and then bam! Your tool is damaged because of a metal object inside the log. So you need to find tramp metal before your saw does (this will not be good). A metal detector like the bounty hunter 4 could save a lot of time and money.

Do I need a metal detector?

Tramp metal can damage your saw badly (and buying a new one is not fun) depending on the machine you are using and the type and the size of the metal inside the log. One nail stuck in a tree could damage 3 to 5 teeth of your saw. read more